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Weight loss is a game, similar to solitaire. It's a game that you play by yourself. The sooner you realize that it's you and only you that's going to make the weight loss happen, the closer you've just gotten to your own weight loss success.

This doesn't exclude personal trainers and perhaps your very own diet guru. You can, and should, acquire all the positive support you need, but in the end one truth will hold: only you can lose the weight. No diet pills. No magic weight loss spells. No Hollywood 48-hour pineapple juice voodoo.

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Now once you've come to terms with this, you can get onto the activities you will need to begin--and stick with--to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Below I've included 3 absolute beginner must-dos, if you "really" want to lose weight.

WL Must #1: Exercise. It doesn't matter how much at first, just do it. Do it, and do it often. Begin and be consistent. Do something today. The faster you begin something, the better your chance of keeping with it. Don't delay.

WL Must #2: Adjust your eating "slightly." Do not... I repeat, do not attempt to completely alter your dieting habits. Too much of a change almost guarantees you will not stick with it.

You see this all the time with New Year's resolutions. People start out hardcore motivated for weight loss success, and then two weeks later (maybe sooner than that) they succumb to the gravity of their old weight "gaining" lifestyle.

They fall flat because they tried to do too much too soon.

WL Must #3: Treat weight loss as a priority. This is the opposite of "Must" number too. Don't pity-pat or half step your beginnings. There is a fine line you must walk at the very beginning of every weight loss program.

You've been out of the game for a while (maybe forever). You must step out of the weight loss gate with purpose, but also control. You must be able to measure your limitations and gradually increase your diet and exercise abilities over time.

Patience and balance will guarantee your weight loss success. Begin where you are, feel good about that, and then progress slowly over time. Do this and your weight loss success is only a few miles down the road.

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